Adding gestures and transitions

Adding gestures and transitions to your screens helps to create a seamless effect when transitioning from one screen to the other.

The top row lists the different hand gestures you can select from. The bottom row lists the transitions you can select from.

Note: The gesture option will not appear for Web projects. Only available for mobile, tablet, Apple Watch and custom projects.

Add a gesture and or transition to your screen

  1. Once you've set your hotspot (interactive area) and have chosen the target screen, you'll see the gesture and transition menu pop up.
  2. Select from the list of gestures and transitions and once complete, hit Close.
  3. To see what it looks like, press the Preview button at the top.

Add multiple transitions and gestures to one hotspot area

You also have the ability to set more than one gesture and transition to one hotspot area. Here's how to get started.

  1. Click the hotspot that you want to edit.
  2. From the screen panel on the right, click the + button. 
  3. A yellow squiggly line will appear. Connect the line to the target screen.
  4. Select the gesture or transition and press close.
  5. Hit the hotspot again and you'll notice now that there is more than one gesture and transition shown.

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