Presentation mode settings

The Presentation mode is an important feature when it comes to presenting ideas to clients and user testing. With Prott you can fully customize your presentation by changing the "Background" and "Device" settings to match the look and feel of your project.

1. Change the settings from the project page

You can change the "Background settings" and "Device settings" under the "Presentation" tab in the General settings of your project.

Background settings

Background color

You can choose a solid color for your presentation background from the choices available. If you have another color in mind, simply click the "+" icon to add a custom color of your choice.

Background image

The background image can set the atmosphere and context of your project and make it more relatable when presenting. You can change the background to one of the choices available or upload your own background by clicking the "+" icon.

If you wish to use the background image unblurred, please uncheck the "Blur background image" option. 

Device settings

Click on the "Device settings" tab to view the options for displaying the device in your presentation.

Here you can choose the color of your device and decide if you'd like to show a hand holding the device. 

2. Change the settings from the Presentation mode

You can also change the "Background settings" and "Device settings" directly from the Presentation mode and see the changes reflected instantly!

Important note

The “Blur background image” option for custom uploaded images is not available on Internet Explorer and Edge. We apolgozie for the inconvenience and highly recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome.

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