Embed your prototypes

The embed feature is great for showcasing a working prototype on your website, portfolio, or blog. Embed any of your Prott prototypes by following these simple steps.

  1. Click the share icon to head to the share settings. 
  2. Click the Embed tab.
  3. Copy the generated code and paste it wherever you'd like to showcase your work!
  4. Once you've entered your embed code, it will look like the example below.
Please note that embedding your prototype is dependent on the settings and setup of your portfolio, or blog. Prott is only responsible for generating the code which allows you to embed a prototype, however any issues you experience embedding are non-Prott related.
A portfolio site that supports Prott embeds is Behance. If you've got a portfolio with them, make sure to showcase your prototypes made in Prott!

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