How to upload a PSD file

When you import a Photoshop file to Prott, it will extract screens automatically. However, you need to follow below rules to make sure that your screen gets uploaded correctly.

Single screens (flat layers)

If your PSD file doesn't contain any groups or artboards, Prott will merge all layers into a single screen.

Single screens (using groups)

If your screen contains various layers, make sure to combine them into one single folder. Otherwise, your layers will get imported as separate screens.

Prott won't upload any layers outside of the main folder. This is to avoid that layers that are not part of your screen (e.g. the background layer) get imported.

We also recommend that you organize the layers in the main folder into groups, such as header, footer and so on.

Multiple screens

If you have multiple screens in the same PSD file, create a folder for each screen. Then, put all layers that belong to a screen into the particular screen folder. Prott will import each folder as a separate screen, and will merge all layers and layer groups inside this folder automatically. Again, external layers won't get imported.

Artboards are treated like folders.

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