Group screens

Group screens together to categorize screen flows, stay up-to-date with the design, and stay organized. Here's a few ways to group screens to declutter your screen list!

Create a new group by clicking on the + New group button

Select the screens you would like to group and from the top panel, click on + New group. The screens which you selected will automatically be grouped together.

An alternative way to create a new group is to right-click on the gear icon of a screen and select New group.

Move group screens back to the main screen list

To move group screens back to the main screen list, select the screens from the group and click the button that says, Move to: and hit Main screen list


Use the shortcut key to group your screens

To select the screens you want to group: ⌘ + G

To ungroup or delete a group, select all the screens in a group:  Shift + ⌘ + G

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, login to your Prott account and go to Help, and select Keyboard shortcuts.

Editing and Navigating the group screen panel

Change the group name by clicking the pen icon next to the group name.

Change the group order by using the ↑ ↓ icons on the right hand side of the group name.Hide and unhide groups using the arrow icon on the far right hand side of the group name.

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