Create an overlay screen

The Overlay feature allows you to superimpose a screen on top of another. It's a powerful way to model pop-ups, drop down menus, and alerts without leaving your screen.

  1. Start off with the base screen and the overlay screen. Set your hotspot by highlighting the area you want to make interactive (in this case the Start button was highlighted) and link it to the overlay screen.
  2. Check off Display an overlay and select the transition (in this example, slide up was used).
    You can also use the advanced settings to change the positioning of the overlay, background and opacity of the overlay. 
  3. To see what it looks like, check what it looks like in preview mode. You can always go back to edit your settings until you get it just right!


  • Where can I find the alert component as the one that's shown above?
  • Simply head to Wireframe mode and select the component that says Alert. (Only available on the 
  • How do I make the overlay screen translucent?
  • Under Advanced settings, next to where it says Opacity, adjust the opacity to the preferred percentage (in this case, the opacity was set at 0%).

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