Project member permissions

For those on the Team or Enterprise plan, this article is for you. 

When you join a project, you are assigned to one of the three roles which are: Owner, Editor and Reviewer. Keep reading below to see the breakdown of the permissions.


As an Owner, you have access to all of the permissions. This means you are able to: 

  • Create and delete projects
  • Assign, remove, and invite other members to the project
  • Edit and comment on the project
Note: Team and Enterprise plans can have more than one Owner per project.


As an Editor you can do the following:

  • Make edits to the project along with, comment on the project
Note: Team and Enterprise plan can have multiple Editors in a project.


As a Reviewer, you can view and leave comments on a project.

Reviewers can be your clients, co-workers or friends who are only going to be viewing your project and sharing their feedback.

Permissions at a glance

Role Owner Editor Reviewer
Number of users* Dependent on the plan that you select Unlimited
View projects
Leave comments on projects
Edit projects ×
Share projects ×
Assign/remove or invite members × ×
Download project screens × ×
Create/delete projects × ×

* Free, Starter, Pro plans can only  1 Owner and Editor 

* For the Team plan, there can be anywhere from 2 to 14 Owners and/or Editors 

* For the Enterprise plan, there can be anywhere from 15+ Owner and/or Editors

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