Add an element module

If you have a module that you are using frequently, you can add and save them under the modules tab to make it quicker to access. To learn how to set it up, follow the steps below.

  1. From the home screen page, click on the + icon and select Create wireframe

  2. A new screen will appear. Click the image icon.

  3. Select the file you would like to upload by clicking  Open.

  4. Your uploaded image will appear on your left-hand side. Drag and drop your image to the workspace to edit your image.
  5. Once you are ready to save, right-click on your image and select Save module
  6. Name your module, select the list you would like to save your module under and click Save.
  7. Now, click on the module icon to see your saved module. 

You can continue adding more of your modules to create your custom module library.

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