Edit your Interaction Map

The Interaction Map feature automatically generates a map of all the screens and their interactions (hotspots, transitions, and gestures) for any project within Prott. It helps to visualize the flow of the screens and how the screens connect to one another.

Note: The Interaction Map feature is available exclusively to the Pro, Team, and Enterprise plan users.

Here are some tips and tricks to not only make your workflow easier but to help you customize your interaction map the way you want to!

Hide and unhide interactions

If you want the flexibility of being able to hide and unhide certain interactions (red lines) from your map, simply do the following:

Hide interactions

There are two ways to hide interactions.

  1. Hover over the hotspot and click the highlighted yellow area. You will notice the interaction  (red line)  will disappear.
  2. Or simply click on the interaction (red line) that you want to hide.

Unhide interactions

Hover over the hotspot (yellow area) and click it for the interaction to reappear. 

Hide and unhide screens

You also have the ability to hide and unhide screens. By hiding irrelevant screens, you can focus on the screens that matter.

Hide screens

  1. Hover over the label of the screen you want to hide and click Hide screen. Each time you hide a screen, it will disappear from your interaction map.
  2. To view your hidden screens, check Show hidden screens. Uncheck to hide.

Unhide screens

To unhide any screens, hover over the label of your screen and hit  Unhide screen.

Expand and collapse long screens

If you have screens that are longer than others, you have the flexibility to expand and collapse screens of your choice. 

Expand screens

From the footer of the screen, simply click the down arrow. 

Collapse screens

Again, from the footer of the screen, simply click the up arrow.

Undo and redo

If you have that moment when you've made a few too many edits and you want to go back, just hit the undo and redo icons which are located next to your project name.

Reset to default

You can also reset your interaction map to its default setting. Just double check before you decide as once you hit Reset to default, there's no turning back!

To reset your map to its default setting, simply click the Reset to default icon, located on the top right hand corner of your map.

Switch to other edit modes directly from your Interaction Map

While reviewing your interaction map, if you notice that you want to edit a hotspot, a wireframe, or make a comment, you can switch to the respective modes directly from your map. Just hover over the screen that you want to either edit or comment on and click on the respective mode to to begin making changes.

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