[Android] View Projects with the Prott Viewer App

With Prott Viewer for Android, not only can you preview prototypes seamlessly, you can also comment straight from the app without having to create a Prott account. Here's how to get started.

How to Get Started

  1. Download Prott Viewer for Android or if you prefer to view the project without having to install the app, use Prott Viewer for Android's Instant app. (iOS version can be found here.)

  2. Tap the preview URL link that's shared with you. 
  3. The Prott Viewer app will open. Tap the play button to begin viewing.

To see how it works, tap on the following preview URL https://prottapp.com/p/8c6815 to see what it's like in the Prott Viewer app!

Where do I get the preview URL from?

If you've been asked to preview the prototype, but don't have the preview URL link, contact the individual who wants to share their project with you.

If you are the individual who would like to share a prototype but don't know where to find the preview URL, get it from your Prott for Web account or from the Prott for Android app.

View Projects Offline

The added bonus of the Prott Viewer app is that once the project is stored in the app, you can view it offline meaning easy access, anytime, anywhere. 

Tap Refresh to View Updated Prototypes

If there's a prototype that's been updated, simply tap the refresh icon from the top right corner of the screen. Tap refresh anytime for the latest version of the prototype to be displayed.

Share the Prototype With Others

You can also share the prototype you are viewing with others. Simply head to the menu icon located on the top right hand corner and tap Share.

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