Comment on projects in presentation mode

If you've been shared the preview URL of a project here's how you can begin commenting on a project.

Note: Make sure that the owner of the project has enabled access to commenting on the project in presentation mode.
  1. Click the preview URL that's been sent to you.
  2. The project will open in presentation mode. Head to the upper right corner of the screen and click the comment icon.
  3. Enter your comment and press Post to complete.
If you want to leave an anonymous comment, simply leave the name field blank or enter in a pseudonym or an emoji to keep your identity from being revealed.

View all screens at a glance

While reviewing the project, if you notice a screen that you want to comment on, instead of clicking through the screen one by one, simply head over to the screen list icon to view the entire list of the screens and select the screen to begin commenting.

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