How do I save, edit, delete a commonly used component?

If you often find yourself using the same component over and over again, here's how you can not only save but share, edit and delete your commonly used components across multiple projects.

How do I save a component?

Note: The max size of the component file that you can save can be up to 1MB.
  1. Start off by highlighting over the component you want to save and right click and click where it says, Save component
  2. Next, center the image of your component by adjusting it under where it says Edit image.
  3. Name your component.
  4. Lastly, select the list name you want your component saved under and hit Save to complete.
  5. To view all of your components, head over to the component tab where you'll be able to see your saved components.
Make sure to check out the integration that we have with Iconfinder, an icon library where you can access over 2+ million icons, all right from the Wireframe feature. Save your frequently used icons (components) to make your prototyping life easier.

How do I edit a component?

To edit a component from your saved component list, simply head over to the component tab and drag the component to the working screen. 

How do I delete a component?

  1. Simply head over to the saved component list and hover over the component you want to delete for the trash icon to appear.
  2. Click Delete to delete the component.

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