Search for free icons in the Wireframe feature

Instead of creating your own icons or searching for them over the web, simply follow the steps below to search for free icons within the Wireframe feature.

  1. Start by clicking on the icon tab.
  2. In the search bar enter the keyword and press enter for the results to come up.
    Note: Please make sure to search in English as Iconfinder is only available in English.
    Make sure to search both common and different keywords to find the icon that’s right for you. Example: If you are trying to search for the profile icon, the common keyword would be profile, different keyword would be avatar.

  3. Choose the icon you want to use and simply drag and drop to complete.

Edit the icon image

To adjust the size of the icon proportionately, hold Shift while you increase and decrease the size of the icon. 

Note: The color of the icons that are pulled from Iconfinder cannot be changed.

Save the icon image

If you think you'll be using the icon image frequently, simply right click and click where it says, Save component.

To view your saved component (icons), head over to the component icon to view all of your saved components (icons).

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