How to use Wireframe feature

How do I use the Wireframe feature?

(1) Create a wireframe

Once you are in a project, click “Create wireframe”. 
To edit a wireframe at any point, hover over the screen you want to edit and click “Edit wireframe.

(2) Drag & drop components

Select from a wide variety of basic shapes to the Web, iOS and Android components.

Simply drag and drop any components you need and edit their characteristics to create your wireframes.

(3) Drag & drop free icons using Iconfinder

Not only can you drag and drop pre-made components, you can also search from over 2+ million icons using Iconfinder, an online collection of high quality icons simply by searching from the Wireframe feature and dragging and dropping. 

For more info, head to the following help page.

(4) Save components

If you have any frequently used components that you use across different screens, save yourself the hassle each time and Saveit as a component! 
To save a component, right click and select “Save module”. You can create custom lists to organize your components, making it easier to find them when needed.

(5) Test instantly

When you are done creating your wireframes, you can instantly test by adding hotspots, transitions, and gestures!

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