Prott Viewer App

With the Prott Viewer you can seamlessly preview and comment on prototypes that have been made with Prott. No need to create an account. Easily store as many prototypes as you want and preview them offline, anytime, anywhere.

Download the App to Get Started
Note: To be able to create and edit your own prototypes from your mobile device, download the Prott for iOS or Prott for Android (sign-up required).

Let's Get Started

  1. Tap the preview URL that's been shared with you.
  2. The browser will open. Tap the Open in Prott Viewer * button.
  3. Once the prototype has finished loading, tap the preview button to begin previewing!

Where do I get the preview URL from?

If you've been asked to preview the prototype, but don't have the preview URL link, contact the individual who wants to share their project with you.

If you are the individual who would like to share a prototype but don't know where to find the preview URL, get it from your Prott for Web account or from the Prott for Android app.

Try it out with a Sample Preview URL

Tap on the following sample preview URL to see what it's like in the Prott Viewer app!

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